Warriors’ guard Steph Curry asked the question that the entire world wants to know. When will we have sports again?

Curry teamed up online with the Dr. heading the White House Coronavirus Task Force via video chat on Thursday to get information on the coronavirus pandemic.

He also revealed that he was tested for the COVID-19 virus last week after having minor symptoms.

“You did the right thing! If someone right now gets flu-like symptoms, a fever, aches and a bit of a cough, the first thing you do is stay at home. Don’t go to the emergency room because you might be affecting others.”

Fauci added, “Get on the phone with a physician, a nurse of a healthcare provider. Get instruction from them on what to do and if available, you can get a test.”

“But, the critical issue is don’t flood the emergency room. Stay at home. If you’re really obviously seriously ill, then you gotta go quickly there but if you just have aches, pains and a fever stay where you are but contact your physician.”